Sunday, September 2, 2012

Still Silence After The Invasion

I partly translated a Japanese article about the aftermath of Korea's invasion into the territorial islands in Japan.

Korean invasion over-violated the international law over the marine territorial rule among countries. The author of the article wonders that the Korean president can criticize the Japanese Prime minister's official claim against Korean illegal invasion into the island, Take-shima. When he points out it then other professed scholars shout out at him, "Don't be hysteria." They ignore any political comment to protest Japan, and then switch them into only a series of hysteric reaction without any critical thinking. They are just messed up. Take-shima, Northern territories in Japan are clearly invaded by the aliens, certainly enemies because the invaded into Japanese lands without any political permission from the Japanese government in advance. And they call the people who have the critical perspectives of their national defense the hysteria!  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs failed to focus on the political territorial issues to protect the territories against the enemies, but they merely ignored their failures.
    However, sadly the incident of the territorial issues are not well-known as a political issues. For example, the anti-nuclear group have dynamic actions against the Japanese government in these days instead.They have weekly demonstration every Friday. The protesters against Nuclear power clearly violates the traffic laws such as making a loud noise at a same place for a long time. But weirdly, people don't point them out as the hysteria. There is no difference between protecting the lives from a dangerous power plant usage and protecting nations' lives from the enemies. But the anti-nuclear fanatics has no interest with the territorial issue.

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