Thursday, February 28, 2013

Buddhist Priest Disappointed With Korean Thieves and Government

The Priest of Kannon-ji, Hushitaka Tanaka, said, "I expected the Korean thanked me, not called me a robber. I have no idea what to day to them." The Priest of the buddhist temple on Tushima island, whose buddhist statue was stolen by the Korean.

According to the temple's history, this Buddhist statue was transported to there from Ancient Korea, not the Republic of Korea, between 7th and 14th century. In 14th century, All buddhist statues in Korea at that time were in danger of destruction by the Korean because the Korea dynamically changed their religion to Confucianism from Buddhism.

The Japanese who visited to the continent during that time, rescued the statue with their sympathy for it by bringing to Japan. Hushitaka pointed out that many imported buddhist statues from other countries are preserved in Tushima island as a middle point of trades between Japan and the continent.

Indeed, according to the Tushima educational board of cultural heritage, some local temples in Tushima island preserve many buddhist statues made in the ancient Korea. Some of the statues, including the one at Kurosekannon-dou, are registered as either local, provincial, or national cultural heritages.

Although the historical data of the buddhist statues is all unclear, the educational board of cultural heritages admits, "It is compromised to think that many statues were brought to Japan to rescue them from the intentional destruction by the Koreans at that time.

These Buddhist statues have been respectfully treated well by the pious priests and islanders in villages on the island. Many buddhist statues with burnt parts, Hushitaka added angrily, "were salvaged from the Korean religious oppression. But now it's too rude that the Korean scream that the Japanese robbed them."

The Korean connected with the temple in Korea visited 25 years ago, and insisted, "the statue is mine, so bring me back it to me." Tanaka refused his order.

Later, the statue was stolen [by the Korean thieves] in October, 2012. The group of thieves were captured in their country in January, 2013.

The priest Tanaka expressed with his disappointed face for the news that the Korea  judged to refuse returning it, "I fully understand that Korea has such an immoral sense compared to other countries. The people in Korea steal anything they want from Japan without any hesitation, and keep insisting they belong to them. [Their malicious behavior] is exactly as same as the North Korea's abduction of many Japanese."

South Korea will no longer return it to Tsushima, if no situation changes at all. Tanaka strongly wish the Japanese government, "I really want to get it back [from the thieves.] The Japanese government is the only hope for me."

The chief cabinet secretary,Yoshihide Suga, said at the interview on February 27, "We will request Korea to bring it back to Japan based on the international rule as soon as possible."

The picture which is not directly related with the robbery case of the Buddhist statue, but it is a part of proof how the Korean like to lie to people who don't know about the Korean prostitutes during the WWII.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Korea's Political Failure

Hiroshi Furuta, Professor at Tukuba Graduate University, "Korea's political failure of selfish invasion on Takeshima as its sanctuary.

The East Asia peninsular was a buffer zone between bipolar ideological forces, Communism and Liberalism, during the cold war. The North and South Koreas have been attacking each other over their ideology and belief as their agents, while the two major ideological forces have intendedly been avoiding the war crisis. Even if their avoidance of the war, North and South Koreas never stopped their military attacks over decodes after the end of the cold war. The rest of countries have been taking a skeptical eyes on the trouble spot behind their dispute.

A Possible Apoptosis Of The North Den.

That the two racially-monogeneous countries, North and South Koreas, attempted to be independent from their ideologically supportive countries led a complex problem beyond the dispute between the ideological different countries. North Korea strengthened the military force by specializing the missile weapon including the nuclear one, compared to South Korea which focused on the economic development with foreign currencies.

As the result of their strategies based on their ideological different backgrounds, North Korea fell into the Chinese economic colony. It could not borrow the currency and produce any sale products to maintain the domestic economic cycle. Indeed, the United State have been keeping aiming at China with the military arms, such as missiles and nuclear weapons. Literally, North Korea was worse than worthless as the buffer zone. Now the surrounding countries of both Koreas started considering any possible points to end the self-centered aggressive war promoting country, particularly North Korea.

On the other hand, South Korea, the country highly depended on the foreign currency and their major economic power led by the foreign countries. The export accounts for over the half of its Gross Domestic Product, at the same time, its most profit from their economic flooded into the foreign funds. Consequently, South Korea needed to borrow more money from the United State in order to sell its products to China. Although it had had a ideal figure to be a political balancer between the United State and China, South Korea was ironically the single buffer zone country which can cause the political disturbance by reaching to both sides for their own profit.

In order to play a important role as a buffer zone, South Korea needed to improve the international trade, especially with its most important economic partner, China. But it failed to sustain its economical goal to maintain the depreciation of the Korean currency  when Japanese Yen stopped appreciating by the new Japanese government led by Abe. It meant the global customer could buy a Japanese product at a cheaper price during the depreciation of the Japanese Yen.

In addition of the price change, the United State have decrease the number of the military staying in South Korea base since 10 years ago. South Korea demanded the United State to delay the United State's right to command the Korean military to the end of 2015, but the withdrawal  of the U.S military was ongoing. Instead of the withdrawal, the U.S allowed Korea to extend the missile duration to 800 kilometer as the agreement between the U.S and Korea.

No Help, Education, Interference To The South

Now South Korea may strengthen the relationship with China after the complete construction of the naval base on the island in their local region, if the international trade between Korea and China improves as the U.S military becomes unsecured. South Korea is now unsteady at its position because it is always watching to be rather the balancer than the buffer zone.

Here is a big mistake for South Korea. As long as the country keeps exaggerating its presence and its political position, South Korea would be a big troublesome country in the whole East Asia countries, including the defense of Japan. South Korea must know its true political position and its allies, either the United State or China.

Therefore Japan should remain South Korea being at the position of the buffer zone. Now Japan should start to tell the Korean that Japan should neither help any situation of South Korea, teach what to do if South Korea is in trouble, nor interfering anything happens in South Korea in order to make South Korea understand its true political position. Do not help South Korea from any economic loss. Do not teach South Korea any technology. Of course do not interfere any historical issue between South Korea and Japan.

The self-centred country, South Korea, has problems they need to solve immediately. The monopoly groups own approximately 70 percent of GDP. The Korean electric manufacturing company owns 22 percent of the groups' GDP. It is a complete feudal system. The amount of Its aggregate household debt reaches as the same as 80 percent of its GDP.

The New Korean President May Not Turn Into The Enemy

Because of its unchangeable feudal system,  OECD shows South Korea as the most suicidal country beyond other countries although the new South Korean president's slogan, "I will make this country happy."

The surrounding countries of South Korea demand both no exaggerated political action and economic sustainability. The new Korean president may be proper at this position. At this point, all political leaders in East Asia is focusing on their domestic stability by choosing good boys and girls, the second generation, of the former political leaders.  China, South Korea, Shinzo Abe in Japan, and North Korea. The North Korean political leader acts like a child as a leader of a country. Because she is the "good girl," she may not be hyper exaggerated to invade the Japanese territory that can make the Japanese its enemy.

February 22 is the date for Takeshima, Takeshima Day.

Compared to North Korea has its ethnic sanctuary where China has been disputing the territory,  South Korea has had no specific one for a long time. However it invaded into the Japanese island, Takeshima, and selfishly renamed it for their benefit. South Korea often intentionally thieves everything by lying at whatever they want, especially from Japan.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Korean Delusionally False Claim Again 

The world started with some dynamical changes in 2013. United States and Europe have been needing to struggle their financial risks. Another terrorism caused in Algeria. Japan shifted its political power and national security policy, etc. However three countries, China and both Koreas in East Asia have always been sticking with their anti-Japanese policy with their manipulative ways. I have stopped blogging here for a while because of a countless amounts of hateful incidents always caused by these countries, such as South Korea's manipulation of their delusional persecution of war prostitution, so called Sex Salve as they insist. Now South Korea announces to create another fraud by a phony visual resource.

     According go the Japanese website, 【関東大震災・朝鮮人虐殺】 研究家のチョン氏 「日本人が過去に犯した蛮行を告発する。死人の遺体の下衣を脱がせた」, the Korean, Chon, mentions that the Japanese vandalize from the corpses of the Japanese women victims at Kanto Earthquake in Taisho-era. He seems to use the visual source to show the proof of the vandalism by the Japanese at the historical quake in the Korean news website. Here is the actual image he used:

  In his image, the picture was taken on September 1, 1923, Taisho 12 in the Japanese calender. The historical big earthquake, Kanto Earthquake shook the ground on the exact date of his picture. According to the Korean named Chon, he strongly insisted that the Japanese vandalized the Korean female victims after a disaster on the same date of the massive Kanto Earthquake.

     Here is the question for the Korean how the Japanese could gather an amounts of the dead female victims of the earthquake right after the occasion of the disaster, and how the Korean decided the picture is the proof of the Japanese Vandalism against the Korean women in the picture. The official Japanese archives of historical cultural research in Tohoku at Tohoku Art and Engineering University has the exactly same image but has a completely different background of the image. Here is the image of the archive at the University:

    In the image of the Japanese archive, the picture, titled "disastrous fire at Shin-Yoshiwara park," was taken of the victims burnt by the massive fire at Shin-Yoshiwara park in 1911, Maiji 43 in the Japanese calender. The victims were all the Japanese. No Korean were in the picture. The men holding the long stick were the local officers who gathered the miserable disastrous victims of the wild fire. There were no vandalism in the picture. There is the carved words in the picture of the Japanese image but it is erased in the picture shown by the Korean. The Korean photo-shopped the image to manipulate the fact in order to create their fact for their own profit.

     Throughout this circumstance, I have to conclude the Korean would use the same way for the ongoing issue of prostitution at the WWII, manipulatively so called Sex Slave in Korea. In addition they will use this false fact to support their delusional persecution of the war prostitution in order to gain the money from Japanese government and jeopardize the Japanese.