Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Korean Delusionally False Claim Again 

The world started with some dynamical changes in 2013. United States and Europe have been needing to struggle their financial risks. Another terrorism caused in Algeria. Japan shifted its political power and national security policy, etc. However three countries, China and both Koreas in East Asia have always been sticking with their anti-Japanese policy with their manipulative ways. I have stopped blogging here for a while because of a countless amounts of hateful incidents always caused by these countries, such as South Korea's manipulation of their delusional persecution of war prostitution, so called Sex Salve as they insist. Now South Korea announces to create another fraud by a phony visual resource.

     According go the Japanese website, 【関東大震災・朝鮮人虐殺】 研究家のチョン氏 「日本人が過去に犯した蛮行を告発する。死人の遺体の下衣を脱がせた」, the Korean, Chon, mentions that the Japanese vandalize from the corpses of the Japanese women victims at Kanto Earthquake in Taisho-era. He seems to use the visual source to show the proof of the vandalism by the Japanese at the historical quake in the Korean news website. Here is the actual image he used:

  In his image, the picture was taken on September 1, 1923, Taisho 12 in the Japanese calender. The historical big earthquake, Kanto Earthquake shook the ground on the exact date of his picture. According to the Korean named Chon, he strongly insisted that the Japanese vandalized the Korean female victims after a disaster on the same date of the massive Kanto Earthquake.

     Here is the question for the Korean how the Japanese could gather an amounts of the dead female victims of the earthquake right after the occasion of the disaster, and how the Korean decided the picture is the proof of the Japanese Vandalism against the Korean women in the picture. The official Japanese archives of historical cultural research in Tohoku at Tohoku Art and Engineering University has the exactly same image but has a completely different background of the image. Here is the image of the archive at the University:

    In the image of the Japanese archive, the picture, titled "disastrous fire at Shin-Yoshiwara park," was taken of the victims burnt by the massive fire at Shin-Yoshiwara park in 1911, Maiji 43 in the Japanese calender. The victims were all the Japanese. No Korean were in the picture. The men holding the long stick were the local officers who gathered the miserable disastrous victims of the wild fire. There were no vandalism in the picture. There is the carved words in the picture of the Japanese image but it is erased in the picture shown by the Korean. The Korean photo-shopped the image to manipulate the fact in order to create their fact for their own profit.

     Throughout this circumstance, I have to conclude the Korean would use the same way for the ongoing issue of prostitution at the WWII, manipulatively so called Sex Slave in Korea. In addition they will use this false fact to support their delusional persecution of the war prostitution in order to gain the money from Japanese government and jeopardize the Japanese.

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