Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Significant Step For The Truth Of Camp Follower Issue

Propagandabuster, a Youtube uploader, is very respectful person for Japanese who think seriously of their patriotism as he keeps being by the Japanese side. A lot of his comment surely encourage those people who search for their national honer and pride both which were not taught in their youth ages. 

He had a excellent field work to find the truth about an ongoing camp follower issue during the WWII. Mostly the Korean keep insulting against the Japanese in order to exploit the money from Japan. On his field work, he sent a copy of Japanese Prisoner of War Interrogation No. 49 to the National Archives. Lately the National Archives proved the report is the copy of the original post war document reported after the WWII.

According to him, the report proves several facts, such as...

  • The camp followers spontaneously entered the camp to be hired to service the Japanese soldiers as so-called comfort girls. In addition, the camp followers earn such a high payment.
  • They can afford to buy as many clothes as they want during the WWII [when many Japanese cannot even buy their food for their family.]
  • The camp followers were willing to work hard to earn the payment. [It shows that they are NOT forced to work by the Japanese military]
  • The camp followers enjoyed their life with the Japanese military, such as recreation and sport.
  • The camp followers could go back their country as soon as they finished paying back the debt.
  • Some girls were married with the Japanese military.

I would like to thank Tony Marano for giving us the significant step to show the prove to the world. As I am believing, the Japanese military have NEVER forced the women to work as the comfort women for their desire.

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