Sunday, August 4, 2013

Translated Version of Japanese Vice Prime Minister's declaration on Jul 29, 2013

The following paragraph is declared by Tarou Aso, the vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, on Jul 29th, 2013.

The present international relationship of Japan is totally different from the Japanese constitutional law [which was created in 1945.]  Although some particular groups scream out to keep the constitutional law by their ideology based on their peace, unchanging the law is completely wrong. Changing the law throughout ages is essential for national security and domestic stability. Indeed, [because] it is a single process [for the goal,] we should carefully decide to change it. And then we should skeptically change it in order to deal with the continuously unstable situation by thoughtful public voices. Otherwise we would be wrong with our decision.

For instance, Adoluf  Hitler made a terrible mistake although the past Nazi law, Weimarer Verfassung, was an well built, most advanced constitutional law at that time.

We should not make a political movement in confusion, particularly the topic about a constitutional law. For the same reason, we should calmly visit Yasukuni Shrine [without any annoying argument.]

Weimarer Verfassung was silently changed without noticing any change in the constitutional law [in the confusion during the war time.] No one recognized that silent change in the law. How come don't we learn from the mistake [that Hitler made]. I have no intention to refuse the democratic political decision making. Nevertheless, we should not decide in confusion.


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