Monday, December 5, 2011

Apple, Samsung, and the Korean Californian Judge

Apple failed its claim of the protection against Samsung's copycatting manufactures in its country, U.S. The news was scandalous enough to get an attention from people who interested in the technology, patent, subsidiary manufacture, and so on unless the judge does not come from originally the U.S.

The judgmental system in California is now controlled by many of either the Korean or Chinese in order to serve the unfair treatment over the court even if their occupation is making a judgmental decision to the lawsuit. In this case, Lucy Koh, the Korean judge in Silicon Valley is typical of the unfair judge who often brings the unfair judge to non-Korean plaintiff who claimed against the Korean defendant.

In Router, "Koh added that Apple would likely prove Samsung infringed one of its tablet patents. However, Apple had not shown that it was likely to overcome Samsung's challenges to the patent's validity, Koh wrote." As I suspected before, the Korean cannot make a fair decision because of their lack of the fairness, and their cultural value as the psychopathic nation.

U.S. judge rejects Apple bid to halt Galaxy sales

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