Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Update of the Pyromaniac

A firebug, a hateful zainichi, the Japanese-Korean, left a message on the twitter before his greedy conspiracy on burning out the Japaneses symbolic shrine, Yasukuni. Now a Japanese news website shows the newest update of this psycho-maniac's case.
A fire was caused at Yasukuni-shrine on Dec. 26, 2011. The news sources announced the fact that a firebug left a conspiracy message on his twitter. But the mystery of this case was not fully disclosed yet with many suspicious questions.

While the occasion, the chief of the public relation at Yasukuni-shrine, mentioned with his anger, "I have never seen this intentional criminal case here although I saw a possible fire related accidents around the trees in the shine before."

A Guy in Black Exposed in The Camera
A guard found a guy in black tried to put a fire on the shine's gate captured on the security camera at the early morning on Dec 26. He ran onto the spot and vanquished the fire as soon as he found while another guard called the police to report the case The quick cover-up for extinguishing prevented the major fire without any wound.
A guy in both black clothe and pants was captured on the camera. In addition, 2 containers for alcohol drink supposed to be used to spread the oil over the gate. The stain of the oils was also found. According the news announcement, the local police was investigating the crime scene related with the criminal caused by the foreigners with the message left on Twitter saying, "I'm going to burn out Yasukuni shrine [for the Korean,} before the case was caused.

Many internet users identified the criminal's handle name, AmaterasuJP. The account was already removed from Twitter but he left the message, "I'll burn out Yasukuni shrine and the Japanese will be sorry for [the Korean]. That shit place is the root of the Japanese's discrimination." Moreover, AmaterasuJP thought that he would be a Korean hero if he burnt out Yasukuni shrine although he needed to be sorry for the fire if he burnt up another Japanese temple, Kinkaku-ji. He also said, "They would never understand the Korean's pain."

However, another internet user tried to insist that the message was shown on Apr. 8, and he wondered the fact that AmaterasuJP was the real criminal for it. The chief of the public relation of Yasukuni, as he did not know when exactly the message was tweeted on the website, explained, "As long as I know the fact, we have not been cautious with criminals. We don't know who is the serial criminal." The police department have not got any further conspiracy message from the criminal so far at the evening on Dec. 27.

Who Is The Criminal, AmaterasuJP
His criminal conspiracy was not the first time. He caused another trouble with a Japanese politician caused on Mar. 9, 2011. He described himself as a female Korean-Japanese literature student at a private school. He called other people to help his conspiracy in order to put the politician, Masashi Nishida, out of his business by sending the illegal donation to him. Another Korean-Japanese made the same conspiracy on his twitter and this was exposed over the internet. At the time, this conspiracy and message board was flooded as soon as found, and then the Korean-Japanese explained that it was just a joke, but he was never be sorry for his criminal fact. 
The serial criminal was not found yet, or identified AmaterasuJP as the pyromaniac because the account on twitter was already removed by the user. But he made another account later. In this time he showed himself as a man on his profile and he rejected the criminal case of the fire at the shrine.

The secretary of Nishida, the victim of AmaterasuJP's conspiracy, told, "I heard the fact that the Korean planed to send a illegal donation to him, but we did not search for it. Our supporters warned us to be careful with it via e-mails, but we did not heard further notice since then."
The public relation department at the private school where AmaterasJP is attending denied her or him with his female Korean name as its student. The school staff seemed to be confused the criminal case, and said, "We have no idea what to do because he caused this with full of a criminal intention."

Personal opinion
I have many foreign friends at my hand, so I hate to say anything bad to foreigners, but all Japanese should recognize the fact that Japan has the hateful enemy who always think to destroy Japan in every way. They should not be foolishly innocent as they did for 50 years after WWII anymore. They should hold the arms against their enemy, such as the Korean and Chinese.

靖国神社放火犯はだれなのか 「予告ツイート」のナゾ深まる

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