Monday, December 26, 2011

Korean Attempts to burn out the Japanese Symbolic Shrine

As the Japanese sacred person had his birthday right before the Christ's birthday, Dec 23, Yasukuni-Shrine and Royal park in Japan would be crowed of people who celebrate for his birthday. The celebration for the sacred person can ease the Japanese's heart especially in this year because they had many impressive events in the year such as Earthquake, Tsunami, etc. Although the places such Yasukuni can ease the Japanese's heart, some anti-Japanese groups, mostly either the Korean or Chinese, attempted again to burn off the culturally holy place for their local nations for their egoistic prejudges.

According to the Japanese news source, TBS, a smoke and small fire found at the Yasukuni Shrine, placed at Chiyoda in Tokyo at an unidentified time on Dec 26. The local police found the personal conspiracy of the fire messaged on the internet. The police is searching any other details for an investigation.  According to the police department, a local guard of the shrine found the fire at the gate of the shrine at 4 a.m on the day. The fire was vanquished as soon as found by the guard, but the gate was already partly burned by the fire. Throughout the investigation at the criminal place, the oil was spread out over the gate. 2 cups which would be used to spray the oil over the gate were found at the same spot. The security camera captured a suspicious man in black clothes burnt the gate. The police has been searching this man. Moreover the police has been searching another case of the criminal conspiracy message left on the internet site, Twitter. The Korean in the Twitter said, "I will burn up the Yasukuni Shrine because the Japanese would never understand the Korean's pain."


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