Sunday, November 6, 2011

Korea Bashes Greece

The Korean President mentioned in France where he attended for G20 conference, "Korea wants to support a country with economic sustainability or one which dynamically changed by its own." He also continued, "I'm expecting that even if we support the country which has not done for any preparation for an economic risk, the country would cause another problem that would effect other countries."

Korea is the country which was suffered with the economic corruption in 1997 but it avoided from the economic corruption for 2 years after the risk. During the economic corruption, the country lost 23,000 companies, caused 200,000 unemployment, and then the company called IMF for the financial help with multiple regulations in order to avoid the economic corruption. But now the President of the country bashed another country which has been facing on the economic corruption.

The President of Korea said, "I was totally surprised at the Prime Minister of Greece had done the national ballot without any further notice with other EU countries." He also pointed out that, "Greece which was the main country caused the global economic crisis made a critical mistake by deciding selfishly."

After his comment, the President of Korea added his comment, "Although my comment was strong against Greece, but I said it because other leaders would think it in the same way." He also added he felt the same comment from other leaders at the conference.

Greece already prepared to be ready to the IMF's intervention and the local safety-net in order to accept the avoid the economic crisis. Especially, the EU countries decided to raise 1 billion euros of European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) in order to maintain the financial stability of EU. However, the leaders at G20 exposed to the media that no country agreed with the IMF's rescuing plan for EU, or supported for EFSF on the day.

韓国 「ギリシャは、我々が支援する価値のない国だ」
Note: I usually used the news website or academic resource to use the resource on my article. In this particular article, I used another personal blog because the original news source, the Korean news website translated in Japanese, immediately jumped into other blank website as soon as I went to the website. But the personal blog user kept the original article. I decided to use it as the source although it is not an academic way.

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