Saturday, November 12, 2011

Korean Post Sex Slave Arrested For Swindle

A Korean arrested woman who had caused the international problem between Japan and Korea during 1990's to 2000's, which is the issue of the sex worker lead by the Japanese during the WWII for a swindle. A Japanese Christian professor at a local university, Tutomu Nishioka, introduced about the background of the swindle case in his book, "Farewell the Korean delusional issue." The mainstream media has often hidden it away from the public in Japan.

The Korean woman suited Japan for their possible enforcement of labor and sex works. But Mr. Nishioka exposed their lies of the whole facts that she made for her personal demand. He also pointed out that the Korean Police Department decided to capture her based on the international agreement of the postwar compensation between Japan and Korea. In the agreement, Korea decided to pay the compensation to its nation if the fact was true. Therefore, he concluded that the issue was already done when both countries agreed it when Korean Police Department captured her for the swindle. He added on his opinion, "the truth has to be in common sense."

The Police Department in Korean capital announced that it captured a group for a swindle for illegally collection of 120,000,000 yen from the Koreans. The group owned by 梁順任 insisted that they would use the money for their legal performance such as a conference with a local lawyer in order to gain the money from the Korean government which is supposed to receive the postwar compensation from Japan. The Police Department captured 39 members of the group for the swindle. The number of the victim would be 30,000. The group was well known anti-Japanese in Korea. One of the arrest was also well known as an anti-Japanese activist in both Japan and Korea. The anti-Japanese action would be slowed down throughout the closure of the case.

According to the Police Department, the group recruit a new members by organizing many anti-Japanese groups. And then the group delusionally mentioned that all Korean who survived in the WWII should get the compensation from Japan or the Korean government. In addition the group kept the anti-Japanese performance against Japanese government in order to satisfy their personal gain such as the money

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