Thursday, November 10, 2011

Risky Korean Noodle, Shin Ramen

I used to eat many instant noodle when I was in the U.S as a student because it's cheap. But I would never want the Korean noodle, Shin Ramen, as soon as I found the article about it. Some news sources announced the risk of the cancer by eating the Korean noodle. It was sad because I took them when I did not know it well and when I considered it as just a ramen noodle like other instant noodles.

According to the Malaysian news website,, Health Minister of Malaysia , Datuk Seri Liow Tiong La, warned all Malaysian to avoid eating the Korean noodle, Shin Ramen, for the risk of the cancer-causing additives in the products. The minister also added some Taiwanese foods on the lists of risky foods. The Malaysian government also suspects that the contaminated foods were imported from its production company, Korea. Here is the direct quotation of the news:

 [Shin Ramen] was having excessive amounts of the cancer-causing plastic addictives di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) and di-isononyl phthalate (DINP).

The government decided to investigate why the Malaysian market allowed the product to be sold on the market place. The news also announced that if Shin Ramen was toxic enough for the nations, it would be expelled from the local market. (Yee, The Star) announces it in a different approach that although No-shin, a company producing the Korean well-known noodle product, Shin Ramen, produced its premium product, the company informed fake ingredient and nutritional facts on its new product. Now The Japanese Fair Trade Commission attempted to investigate the product. The new raman-noodle, Shin Ramen black, with the fake list of nutritional facts insisted that it has Seolleongtang, the powdered cow soup, as the main ingredient of the soup, and that the product was nutritionally well-balanced. The price of the product was twice more expensive than its original product, sometimes the price was three times higher than it. However, the investigation exposed the fake trick on the product. It has only 4% of Seolleongtang in the powdered soup, but it has 3 times more of the fat than that of its product's list. The Fair Trade Commission ordered the company to pay 1,115,000 yen of the extra-surcharge for its fake information of the product.

At last I added a Youtube video clip of the government's announcement of the product.

Be aware to eat the healthy foods. Don't take any toxic food such as Shin Ramen unless you want to get the cancer.

「辛ラーメン」に待った! 韓国当局、誇大広告で是正
Yee Ng Cheng, Korean noodles ‘Shin Ramen’ recalled for tests: Health Minister

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