Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Was He Really Criminal? Partly, But Not Really.

A local news showed that a local veterinary was captured for his illegal deal of squirts with his friend and some other people. The news itself was a merely local news so it's completely ignorable. But some anti-Japanese group would be happy to know it because the suspect was the person who encourage many Japanese patriots throughout posting videos at I would like to translate this news in order to explain how the Korean, pro-Korean, pro-Chinese group, including some mainstream media supporting anti-Japanese such as Mainichi, Asahi, want to disrespect the Japanese patriots. I also want to introduce some guys who continuously insults him in many way as he posted a video on his website.

The Difference Between News Announcements

First of all, according to the news website,, the Japanese cyber police arrested 2 people for their illegal deal on medical product over the internet, Noriiyuki Nishida, a 56 years old pet breeder living in Mie, and Ryouji Kutsuzawa, a 44 years old veterinary living in Fukushima. According to the police, the veterinarian sent and sold around 2,000 cylinders at 300 yen per cylinder to the breeder, which was originally 23 yen per cylinder among the medical market. The police also suspect that the cylinders would be used for the drug usage.
The police mentioned that both suspects did for their alimony, the support of life. Nishida had deals of 30 cylinders with the veterinarian in June and September and he also sold them to other men, living in Chiba, at the total of 9,600 yen. The local police found the drug when they captured men in Chiba, and then it decided to capture the two men for the illegal deals of the medical products. The police also mentioned that 2 men, Nishida and Kutuzawa, met each other 8 years ago via the internet but they have never seen each other.
In the news, was the better mainstream media than any other ones. It also announced the facts without any prejudge and false information in the news.

Here is another website,, announced the same case but used a different approach.

A veterinarian illegally resold 840 medical cylinder, 57,000 yen in total, to the pet breeder via the internet. The police suspected that Ryouji Kutsuzawa, a 44 years old veterinarian, made an illegal medical resale of 840 cylinders for 57,000 yen without any permission of his local government, with the 56 years old breeder, Noriyuki Nishida. According to the local police, Kutsuzawa, the veterinarian, bought the cylinders for the veterinary purpose at first, but he accepted Nishida's offer to resale them to other people. 2,000 cylinders were sold in the May, some of them are used for drug usage. Kutsuzawa accepted the illegality and said, "I had a deeply personal connection with Nishida for long, and I made it for my personal gain."

 Throughout the news announcement, with the simple facts tells that the veterinarian had an anonymous connection with the breeder but not personal connection with him. Compared with the news resource with the simple facts, the other one tells that the veterinarian had a deep personal connection with him.

The Heartless Reactions Made By Anti-Japanese Against Him Vs. His Supporters

Many users in multiple websites such as twitter, nicovideo, and 2ch flooded with the topic. Some users, especially anit-Japanese, the Korean, pro-Korean, and pro-Chinese groups shows thew heartlessly harsh comment into him as soon as the news was announced. For example, a fake right wing user on nicovideo, My日本, originally either the Korean or pro-Korean, uploaded the news illegally when the news was shown on the TV. In fact uploading the piece of the TV show is well known as a illegal performance over the internet. Plus he used other group's name in order to entrap the real patriot group, My日本.jp. Many anti-Japanese, mainly the Korean and Chinese, can be seen over the websites. Some people who worked with the veterinarian for their patriotic reason still want to support him after his arrest. They declared their willing support for him on their own uploaded video. He also had his personal enemy during his patriotic actions, Shinya Miike, 三池神也, some user probably believes that Shinya entraped him into being arrested by using his personal connections like his previous stalking on Kutsuzawa. On either way, the police investigation will be clear with the case.

Personal Opinion

I have to accept Kutsuzawa made a mistake for his careless deal with the breeder as a veterinarian, but I don't think he did it intentionally for the drug dealing with him. Yep, he was careless with the case but he was not really the criminal even if he might have helped the criminal action for the guy making it. He was careless either to have a medical deal with a guy never met in person. He needs to explain what he has done for it and I also wish he should never give up what he had in his own soul for his country.

Detox Japan.

業務用注射器をネットで転売 獣医師の男ら逮捕
ネットで注射器を無許可販売容疑 ブリーダーと獣医師を逮捕 警視庁

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